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How to Make Money on Opay App: Earn N10,000 Weekly

In my today's tutorial, you are going to learn how to make money on opay, whether you are striving to make an extra money online, or this is your first time, this guide is going to be in depth, even a ten year old can follow these strategies

And start making money with opay, it is very simple, making money online is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have any money to invest.

There are many ways to make money online, like blogging, affiliate marketing and freelancing, however, all these other methods require skills and or money.

In this tutorial, I am going to be focusing on making money online without any skill or investment, and that is opay, other ways to make money online easily without investing may include using swagbucks.

Okay, without wasting time, lets get into todays guide, which is how to make money on opay in Nigeria, but before I start, let me show you proof, as this will energize you to take action.

The above screenshot is taken from my opay account, I am publishing this post on 19th july 2021, on Monday, which is the second day of the week, I have earned 2200 naira already.

Last week I withdraw 10,300 naira to my bank account, here you can see it in the below screenshot, so now that you have seen proof, are you ready to start doing the same, let me get you started.

What is opay?

Opay is a tool that is used to do transactions online, you can use it to make payments, buy goods and services, get a ride, buy airtime and more, it is the first cashback wallet in Nigeria, you can also use opay like your bank account

You can store money safely, get an ATM card, all these things you are getting it for just using your phone number to sign up, when you sign up for opay, your phone number will act like your opay bank account number,

Also, opay can be used as a social media, you can chat with friends, how cool is that.

Click on the link below to sign up 👇

Is opay safe to use?

Yes, opay is very safe for anyone to use, anyone that is transacting online can use opay for certain things like buying foods, getting a ride, buying airtime, getting cashbacks and most of all, make money online which you are going to learn in a few minutes.

Opay app have over 5 million downloads and 4.1 star rating on playstore, people are really enjoying this app, especially now that it also has opay cash rain, opay business, opay agent and more, people are getting a lot out of this app

And if you are not yet using it, you are missing out on a lot.
Can I withdraw money from opay?

Of course, apart from making money on opay, you can connect your bank account to your opay account, and if you do this, you can easily withdraw your funds directly to your bank account and the money will arrive within the matter of minutes.

After you use opay to make money, you can send the money to your bank, as I have shown you above, last week I was able to withdraw N10,300 from my opay wallet to my Access bank account, so yes, you can easily withdraw money from opay.
How to make money on opay

There are different ways to make money with opay, but I am going to show you the simplest way that will make you even more money than most of the other methods, it is called opay refer and earn or opay affiliate program.

Don’t worry, I know most people are scared to do the referring things but, trust me, this method is different so please take your time and read through this, since this method is working for me, it will work for anyone including you.
How to make money with opay refer and earn

In this simple strategy, you are going to be promoting opay to people and encouraging them to sign up using your referral link, one of the best things about opay affiliate program is, it is a win-win situation.

Both you and the person you are promoting the platform to will earn N300 and above when the person signs up through you.

Let me show you how to do it. First of all you need to download opay app, I will show you how to download the opay app below, after downloading the app, you can get your opay referral code and then start using my simple strategy to get referrals.
1. Join opay

Use one of the “join opay now” buttons on this post and sign up using your preferred phone number, if you sign up through these buttons, you will be credited with N300 instantly,

and I will also earn N300 because you signed up through me, you see, it is a win-win, this is your first earning so go ahead and get it now.
2. Download opay app

After signing up with your phone number, you need to download the opay app for your phone, when you download the opay app for your phone, you can start using it to refer and earn easily, you just need to download it to your android phone or iphone.

How to download opay for android

Just go to playstore and search for Opay, after that, you will see the logo of the app, it is a green P with an O sign, when you see it, click on download and your download will start immediately, after downloading, it will install automatically on your phone.

How to download opay for ipnone

Go to itunes app store and search for Opay, the app will show on the screen after that, click on download to start downloading opay for your iphone, after that, you can install it on your iphone immediately.
3. Log into opay app

After installing the app, to start making money on opay, you should sign into the opay using your mobile number and password which you used to sign up earlier, make sure you keep your password safe, treat your opay as your bank account.
4. Start promoting opay and make money

Get your referral code to get started, your referral code is a unique code that is assigned to you and only you, whenever someone clicks on your referral code and sign up for opay, N300 will automatically be credited in your opay wallet.
How to know my opay referral code

To know your opay referral code, after logging into your opay, click on the me icon on the bottom right of your screen circled red in the image,

then click on get cashback on the next screen, after that,

You will see a button that says refer friends, click on it, then click on “share link earn 300” button and then copy the link to clipboard,

you can also use shortcut to share it on facebook, whatsapp, instagram and more, but I suggest you manually copy it to clipboard instead.
The trick I use to make N10,000 weekly on opay

So here comes the little trick that I apply to make up to N10,000 every week on opay, please make sure you follow all the instructions above carefully before you move on with this final steps on how to make money on opay.
Shorten your referral code

Normally when you copy your referral code, it is a very long and ugly line of texts that nobody will love,

now you need to give it a more appealing look, go to bitly and paste your referral code and click shorten,

after that, you will see a very short and beautiful link, click copy to copy it to clipboard.
Download opay promotional banners

You are going to need some beautiful promotional banners that will increase your chances of getting referrals fast, you don’t need to have skills in graphic design unless if you want to design your own custom banner, as for me, I don’t design it by myself, I just download it from google. The below image is the one that I downloaded, because it looks great and very compelling.

Create whatsapp group and promote opay

Create a whatsapp group about making money online without investment, you can name is something “JOIN TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE FREE” or anything that will make it more attractive and clickbait, you can now put all your contacts in the group and start by posting the banner, a short line of text explaining everything then followed by your referral link.
Create a telegram channel and promote opay

Telegram channel is also a nice way to engage with people, so if you are telegram, kindly create public channel, give it a catchy name like you did on whatsapp, they can both have the same names, now you need to add a nice picture of someone holding money and a smartphone with a smiling face and use it as your channel profile picture,
Join facebook groups

One of the biggest mistakes that you will ever make is join facebook groups and start bombing your link, nobody will like to click on these links, so after joining the facebook groups, start by posting your testimonies then followed by “ASK ME HOW” kind of thing.

For example, here is my post in a facebook group, as you can see, many people are commenting how, and once you have a few interested people, you can inbox them and ask them for their whatsapp or telegram number, once they give you, you can start adding them in the whatsapp group or telegram channel.

Do this for about 1-2 hours everyday on your free time and you will see the power. Ive used this method to make money on opay weekly, I started this strategy two weeks ago so I decided to share it with you here on my blog.
How to make more money on opay

Below are some few suggestions that will help you maximize your earnings, I haven’t done any of the below things apart from number one, but try them out if you have the chance and let us know how it went with you.
1. Join more facebook groups

Joining more facebook groups is like reaching out to more customers, so it works like fire, join groups that allows users to post, and make sure you join groups with many members and engagements, if the admins of those groups didn’t allow you to post in the group, you can easily contact them to allow you to advertise in their group, many facebook groups admins will agree to this.
2. Post more frequently

Posting more frequently is also a sure fire way to get more referrals for your opay earning strategy, post in groups, if you can, also post on your timeline and tag many of your friends who may be interested,
3. Create facebook group

Create your own facebook group, this time around, you have full control over the group so you can post whenever you want in the group, but starting a new facebook group and growing it is not an easy task, anyway, you can do it with time.
4. Create facebook page

To make money on opay, you don’t really need to work hard work, but with strategy, you'll surely see results, creating a page is also a good way, similar to creating a group to promote your opay referral code
5. Run facebook ads

Facebook ads is working like crazy, if you have upto N500 to spend on facebook ads, ill advise you to give it a try, though you need some few facebook ads skills to make this work perfectly, but it wont take you that much time to know how to do everything.

Like I said, most of these methods, I haven’t used it personally, so you can try it out and see if works well, come back here and let us know your result.

That is how to make money on opay in Nigeria, if you follow the above steps correctly, you will surely see results, try it out guys.

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