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Meet The Time Traveler Who Lives In 2027

In case you missed it, a TikToker by the name Javier is convinced that he is a time traveler. Through various videos on his page, he shows followers short clips from his city in Spain in which no other people appear.

In fact, his bio reads, “My name is Javier and I am alone in the world." While it’s easy to think that his page is strictly a cry for help, he truly believes that he is alone.

In his videos, Javier claims that he is a time traveler from the year 2027 but now trapped in parallel world of 2021 without any signs of human or animals. He suggests that by 2027, the human race will be extinct.

As followers scroll through his TikToks, they'll see a journey of videos with no other humans present, which gives his content a weird yet mysterious feel. But of course, several people are not sold by his supposed time travel and many think that he may be off his rocker.

However, Javier has explained how he became 'trapped' in parallel world via his TikTok account @unicosobreviviente

In one of his latest video, he disclosed the lid on how he ended up six years into the future.

He said: "I woke up alone in a hospital in Valencia (Spain).

Javier explained to his viewers that:

"I discovered that there was a connection between 2021 and 2027. People in 2021 could see the objects I left in the city, but people couldn't see me and I couldn't see them," he added.

He said he is now trapped in a parallel world of 2021 but his devices showed he is from 2027(Image: TikTok/unicosobreviviente)

"And a few days ago I found a letter telling me that I am the JESP8827 experiment, I come from 2027 and I am now in a parallel world in 2021 without people or animals."

Viewers often asked him to do a livestream video to prove that he is in "the year 2027" and some asked him to reveal his face in the videos.

One commented: "I know what you did! You filmed this during quarantine and you planned it. That's why you hid things where people now are finding them."

He never showed his face in the video while wandering in Valencia(Image: TikTok/unicosobreviviente)

Another guessed: "I think he is a police officer, that's why he had the key for the police station."

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