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Enugu Residents Lament High Cost Of Charcoal As Families Abandon Costly Kerosene

Some corn roasters on the side of the road in Enugu have attributed the increase in roasted corn to the state's high cost of charcoal.

Some roasted corn vendors in Enugu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the hike had a negative impact on sales and patronage.

Despite the increase in the price of maize from the farm, one of the sellers, Peter Eze, stated that the increased price of charcoal had also contributed to the high cost of maize in the market.

“A bag of charcoal today costs N2,700, compared to N2,400 in 2020, while roasted corn costs between N100 and N200, depending on size.

He explained, "The increasing cost of charcoal has lowered my profit to what it used to be."

Another corn trader, Amaka Egwu, said she decided to buy charcoal in little quantities rather than in bags due to the increase in price of charcoal.

“For my corn business, I now buy charcoal that is packaged in small cellophane bags and sold for between N150 and N200 each cellophane bag,” she explained.

Charcoal dealers, on the other hand, have reported record sales as most inhabitants, including corn roasters, have switched to charcoal.

The expensive cost of maize has doubled, according to some roasted corn consumers, resulting in low patronage.

According to Nkem Ugwu, a consumer, roasted corns were sold for between N50 and N100 depending on size during the last season in 2020.

Mr Ugwu, on the other hand, bemoaned the fact that tiny corn now costs N100, while medium and large maize cost between N150 and N200 each.

Chiamaka Ifeadi, another roasted corn buyer, said she no longer buys the product in big amounts due to its expensive price.

“I used to buy roasted corn and peas for my family for N1,000, but now I can't afford to spend more than N2,000 on corn alone, so I buy it for my husband and me,” she explained.

Meanwhile, the high cost of kerosene in Enugu, where it presently sells for between N280 and N300 per litre, has driven many people to abandon their kerosene stoves in favour of charcoal burners.

Grace Ume, a charcoal trader in the Garki Market, claimed that despite the fact that the price of charcoal had increased from N2,400 to N2,700 per bag, patronage was still increasing by the day.

Mrs Ume explained that the surge in business was due to the fact that a typical family of five could consume up to 20 litres of kerosene for cooking in a month.

“As a result, in a month, the family spends over N9,000 for kerosene.

“On the other hand, for the same size family, a bag of charcoal will last for two months, regardless of use pressure,” she stated.

Due to the high cost of kerosene and other energy cooking sources, another seller, Oby Okafor, said that most families were buying the commodity in huge numbers.

“In this charcoal company, we have continued to experience solid and successful business for some time now,” Mrs Okafor added.

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