Formatting a Term Paper

There are formats which you should adhere to (or adopt, as the case may be) when formatting your term paper for submission.

Unless otherwise stated, the following guidelines will come in handy.

  1. Font: The default font should be Times New Roman.
  2. Font Size: The font size should be 12.
  3. The pages should be double-line spaced.
  4. There should be a one-inch margin all round.
  5. Quotes (and maybe examples) should usually have a larger left margin.
  6. Headings should be emboldened and centred. If their font size is increased, they should be correspondingly so.
  7. As regards headers and footers, unless otherwise stated, adopt a regular pattern for page numbers and chapter titles.
  8. Each source cited should appear in the list of references/works cited in alphabetical order.
  9. Each item should be set to 0.5 inch hanging indent. Here is an example below: