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Why car wash business in Abuja is most lucrative during rainy season: Operators

Eke Emmanuel, a car wash operator in Lugbe, a suburb of the FCT, says the car wash business is lucrative and can be a major source of livelihood especially during the rainy season.

36-year-old Mr Emmanuel, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that the business was more lucrative during the rainy season.

According to him, the rainy season is the most lucrative time for the car wash business as most drivers want to keep their cars clean at all times.

”When rain falls, the roads are muddy and the drizzle that splashes on the body of the cars makes them dirty.

“At this period, car owners usually visit the car wash, I make close to N5000 daily, and from this business, I feed my family,,” he said.

Mr Emmanuel, however, outlined some of the requirements needed to start up a car wash business to include funds, good location and business registration, to avoid constant disturbance of the environment protection taskforce.

He also said that anyone interested in the car wash business must also print complimentary cards to encourage patronage.

Yemi Adeleke, a carwash owner in the Kubwa area, aligned himself with the submissions of Mr Emmanuel, noting that the business was a good one.

Mr Adeleke said that the only thing to contend with in the business was that some customers were hard to satisfy.

Another carwash operator, Uche Goodluck, said one major challenge in the business was liquid soap for washing cars, which was constantly on the increase.

He said that washing soaps were expensive due to the high cost of importation of chemicals used in the production of soap.

“The dollar rate is high; customers are not willing to pay additional charges, washing a car regularly is crucial as it helps to prolong the lifespan of the colour of such a car,’’ he said.

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